Wells for the Orphanage

The Well of Good Hope

Two women are enjoying the well drilled in Dec/2012   The first act of hope for Redemption Village is a source of good clean water that is just next door instead of 3 miles away. What would that mean to you? To me, water is so much of what I use in my home. Good [...]

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WELL, what is going on?

One of the first 3 attempts at drilling with the small rig GOOD NEWS....the well drilled on the site of our future orphanage is flowing and villagers from all around that area are so happy to have closer access to water. The smaller well that was drilled a few miles away has collapsed [...]

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Greetings about the Warm Heart of Africa- Two Wells

My wife wrote in the last blog of the waiting period we experienced after our first mission trip and the need we had to find funds for a well at the orphanage site. Through ways and means that I still do not understand, the funds came in and I, along with Pastor David and Benjamin, [...]

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Wells for our Orphanage

Greetings: We are launching our presentation for fundraising for Leples Orphanage. Among our agendas is fresh water for the fatherless children before the work of the orphanage is complete. Yes, without fresh water in this village accessible to our home for children, it will be difficult to promote health and well being. We are presently [...]

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