We are launching our presentation for fundraising for Leples Orphanage.
Among our agendas is fresh water for the fatherless children before the work of the orphanage is complete. Yes, without fresh water in this village accessible to our home for children, it will be difficult to promote health and well being.

We are presently seeking 1,ooo people who would give up chump change of $10.00 so that we can accomplish this important task.

$10.00 from 1,000 people will provide fresh water

We also will be continuing our building of the actual orphanage. We need to continue to buy building materials as Lester and Lepherson work at the task of their dream of meeting the needs of orphans in the villages close to Msundwe Trading Center in Malawi.

For this purpose we need monthly support from individuals who have a heart for this work. Any amount will bond together with other pledges and form a base for completing this orphanage and then eventually helping to sustain the needs of the children who will be sheltered.

Educating people of the needs that we know of among the churches we ministered to is our joy to impart.

If you are interested in having Don Postell speak to you personally, your organization or church, Please contact him No group is too small or too large. He will share the burden God has laid on his heart.

I will be blogging several times each week with updates, pictures and news of how God is helping us with these challenges.