Beginning of a new church notice the grass walls.
One of our completed churches in the Bush country of Malawi
As we were pondering the ‘great thing we had done,’ a new thought broke upon the horizon. What have you done if you build the greatest building in Malawi and have not touched the souls of men? With this thought in mind a new portion of the ministry began. I talked it over with a few board members and all agreed that Dr. Steve Newton should be the one who would be in charge of building churches. He took that task to heart and started raising funds to build churches. One motorcycle club in San Antonio, Texas raised enough funds to build a church. As of May, 2015 through the efforts of Crownridge Church Ministries, 5 churches have been built in remote areas that did not have a church. The gospel is being proclaimed!


Name of Church: Msonkhela Village Church
Sponsored by: Crownridge Church Dec 2012
Pastor: World Phari
Village: Msonkhela Village
TA: Kalolo
First church built –  a thriving church
Name of Church: Chiwanga
Sponsored by: Crownridge Church
Pastor: Lester Nkhoma
Village: TA: Masumbankhunda
3rd Church Built
Church service at the orphanage (2016). Two of our Bible Students started these services.
The service brought tears to every member of our team. It was Awesome
Neighboring villages are now beginning to attend services.

 Harry’s Kaondo’s Church—Harry was our first bible school graduate..
I witnessed to a drunk man right after this service on the road in front of us.

Harry Kaondo and his wife.  Harry was our first graduate student IN 2013 and has SINCE earned a doctorate degree in Theology.

Sponsored by: Crownridge Church
Funded by: Fishers of Men Motorcycle  June 2014
Ministry Leader:  Austin Mangani
TA: Kalolo

We delivered Bibles to Pastor and his wife after service…..over 200 Bibles were distributed throughout our sponsored churches