Mission statement:
To have significant impact on health needs, food sources, security, raising children and community development in Malawi in a way which brings glory to God and demonstrates the love of Christ in works and endeavor.
A Broken Heart
While walking down a trail in the bush country of Malawi, Africa, I came upon an African man who was probably in his late twenties. In his broken English, he engaged me in a ‘sort of a conversation’. He wanted to know what I was doing there. I tried to explain that I was an electrician working on a new clinic being built in the bush country. Whether he understood or not I don’t know, but he smiled with teeth missing and said, “I dig for mice,” and turned and walked away. I stood there a while trying to grasp the significance of that statement. Then it hit me. This man had no other hope or ambition than to dig and eat mice! I walked away with a broken heart. We must be able to give these people a vision, some hope of a better life. Something that can lift them out of the poverty that for generations has held them down. We are trying very hard to teach and train these precious people to pull themselves out of this hole and enable them to be self sufficient. If they want to eat mice so be it, but not because they have to!