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Future Home of Redemption Village

Nestled at the foot of the mountains that are just this side of Mozambique, is five acres of land near Chiputu Trading Center which has been donated by the head chief of the surrounding villages with a promise of 15 additional acres as needed. Having gained the TA’s approval (Traditional Authority, the chief that is head over all head chiefs) we have the backing for the hope of a home for the many orphans in this area of the bush country.
A 20′ by 30′ office/ kitchen, a 20′ by 30′ chapel/cafeteria, and a 40′ by 40′ dorm with a capacity for 64 orphans and rooms for mammas is the dream of our future.

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Providing Bibles

Natives Receiving Bibles

Most that live in the bush country speak the native language of Chichewa.
We were able to bring the New Testament written in this language.

Malawi Recap for May 30-June 10, 2023

On May 30th 2023, 9 of us went on our annual trip to visit our orphanage and churches, which we had built in Malawi Africa. This was our largest group to date, to go. We had people who came from Whitchta Falls TX, Boerne Tx, Rosenberg Tx, Castroville Tx, and Center...

Malawi Recap for 10-9-19

Malawi Recap for 10-9-19                First day we will be traveling into the bush to visit the orphanage so, the ladies prepared a hearty breakfast of pancakes and ham and our first trip to...

Malawi Recap for 10-10-19

Malawi Recap for 10-10-19                 Got up again around 6:30 this morning because it takes a while to get everything ready to go to the bush.  Started with a home cooked Egg and...

Malawi Recap for 10-11-19

Malawi Recap for 10-11-19                Woke up this morning thanking God for the opportunity to be a part of His great work in Africa as well as being part of His work in America.  Simply...