Well Repair

As we know without water there is no life..The door of opportunity opened in the spring of 2015 as Clean Water for Malawi partnered with us to repair wells. In June Don Postell and Danny McClung along with Lepherson, Paul, and 5 men from Mazuzu formed 3 teams that were able to repair 40 boreholes. More than drilling new boreholes is the problem of keeping all the existing ones operating. In the villages, often the people lack the knowledge and funds to repair their own boreholes. Part of this new work is focusing on educating on proper use and upkeep of existing wells. Clean Water for Malawi has stepped up again in this year of 2016 with an effort to continue this great work. Last month (June), Lepherson and his team repaired 5 boreholes, one of which had not been in operation for 32 years! Now they are drinking clean water once again from this well. We can put an entire well kit in for about $1000.00, We take our water for granted, they die without it!

This is a well that is in need of repair

This is a well that is in need of repair

Rejoicing over the repaired well

Rejoicing over a repaired well

This is why we need wells

This is why we need wells

Lelpherson working at repairing this well

Lelpherson working a repairing this well

We were asked by a member of Parliament if there was anything we could do to help this village.
The villagers were getting sick and dying from drinking polluted water.

Problem Solved

One week later, this was built to prevent pollution of water and a hand pump installed to reach down to get clean water.


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