Leples Vision for the Needy is a dream of two young Malawian men who began to see the need of their people in the villages of Mapuyu South district. They were concerned about the growing orphan population. Their concern turned into a dream of building an orphanage to minister to this need, and they began to pray about this .

While working for a ministry building a clinic in the bush country where they lived and they also worked for this ministry, our paths crossed . I had been living in a tent on site for about 3 months and late one evening, Lester and Lepherson came to my tent to visit. As the 3 of us sat outside my tent we laughed, cried, and shared fellowship in the Lord. They then unburdened their hearts about the many orphans in the area and the dream that had resided in their hearts for 7 years. They felt that God had sent me there for that purpose. I relayed the fact that I knew nothing about building an orphanage, but I would pray with them and share with others when I went back to the United States.