Malawi Recap for 10-11-19

               Woke up this morning thanking God for the opportunity to be a part of His great work in Africa as well as being part of His work in America.  Simply grateful we accepted His call years ago.

               Took our first trip this morning to Cappuccino’s and enjoyed almost an American breakfast.  Stopped by the Gateway Shopping center to get some cokes to take for our laborers at the orphanage today.  We got those rather quickly and were ready to head out for another day but had to wait for an hour or so as our leader (which shall remain anonymous) made a deal on a table and chair so we can set up an office in one of our small rooms in the dorm. 

               We arrived at the orphanage about noon and all the workers were at lunch and the kids had not come home yet.  Doris and Shirley took this opportunity to work with the mamas again.  They brought gifts for the mamas, small beach balls for the kids and Paul brought some candy for the children as they began to come home from school.  We had two children that needed medical care, Precious and Abraham, so the ladies took them to the clinic right on site because there were some doctors there doing medical procedures.  It will be wonderful when that Clinic is completely open (it will be run by the government).  Abraham had a bad cut on his big toe that had not yet got infected, so we applied some ointment we had from the First Aid kit and he will be fine, according to the doctor.  Precious had a bacterial infection that needed to be treated with antibiotics so as we came back to Lilongwe for the evening, we stopped by the drug store and got some medicine to take back for her in the morning.

Don and David spent much of the time reviewing the records of one of our managers and discussing the status of the work and he was very pleased with how it was progressing. 

Kind of a slow day as we came home a few minutes early to pick up the antibiotics and get some rest for the Graduation ceremony that will take place tomorrow.  Steve spent the whole afternoon with Lester discussing some of the Bible School business that had to be handled quickly.

So it looks like our schedule for the next week is filling up quickly as we have about five meetings scheduled already as we will meet with the workers, the Chiefs, the TA (Traditional Authority) and MPs (Members of Parliament) and couple of private conversations that must be attended to. 

               Therefore, we pray you continue to keep us in your prayers and with God’s help it will be another great trip.  Love the words of Caleb in Joshua 14, “Now therefore give me this hill-country (mountain)…it may be that Jehovah will be with me, and I shall drive them (the enemy) out…”  I believe God is going with us and before us so those mountains of doubt, defeat, hopelessness, frustration, etc. that we may often face will fall at our feet. 

May God bless you all and continue to pray for us while we are gone.

Your Team in Malawi