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The Tugging of a String (part one)

There is an invisible string that is wrapped around my heart that draws me back to Malawi, Africa. When I first spent time there, I was asked to bring the Word of God to a certain village. It was the middle of a hot afternoon and I had to peddle a bicycle that had a [...]

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The Call to Africa

In the spring of 2010 Don was invited to travel to Malawi to wire buildings in a clinic in the bush country. The missionary couple who hired him was seeking to bring electricity to their project through wind and solar sources. Today this clinic is phenomally functioning with full electrical power off the grid. Don [...]

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The Tugging of a String (part two)

As I walked with my interpreter and another pastor back to our waiting chariots ( bicycles), they worked to keep the children from under foot. I heard someone say, "Would you please come again?" in perfect English. I turned and faced the crowd of young people and said, "Who asked me a question?" Nobody responded [...]

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It’s About Time … by Don

  This past week we heard the minimum wage has increased to $9 an hour. That sounds great and I hope all will benefit from this. As I thought about the increase, I could not help but allow my mind to race back to where I had just returned, Malawi. How blessed we are to [...]

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The Darker Side

There are many children who live in the bush country who have to deal with the "darker" side of life at a very early age. Notice the necklaces that adorn many of these children. I learned that these necklaces are a sign of "belonging" to witchcraft. At an early age, these tokens are put on [...]

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Hope for Clean Water

Hope for clean water: I am told a child dies every fifteen seconds from polluted water in Africa. Most water is drawn from a hand dug well and only surface water is used. There is rarely a covering over the hole. My hope is that one day all hand dug wells would be unnecessary.

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Celebrating 40 years of marriage

Today marks the day that I have spent 40 years with this man. I love his spirit of compassion and love for people. I am amazed that the man of 20 that I married has turned into more than I could ever dream or hope for in a husband, father and grandfather. It was rumored [...]

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Who or what defines me

"I am the Lord; that is my name! I will not give my glory to another or my praise to idols." Isaiah 42: 8 In the world there are whispers, rumors, and even intense declarations of who God is. People speak of Him in high and low places, in anger, in praise, His name is [...]

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Malawian Trucking Industry

Good day to all who are reading my blog today. These pictures show a bicycle that is carrying more than it was built to carry. When Don and I travel on the roads in the villages and even on the highways, men on bicycles are carrying all manner of goods to and from the market [...]

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Update On The Orphanage

Saturday Afternoon November 26, 2011 After a week of sheer bliss where I could pull my car into any gas station without a waiting line and say fill her up ,it stopped. For the past week there was no fuel to be found. Every day I would walk with my gas can trying to find [...]

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