This past week we heard the minimum wage has increased to $9 an hour. That sounds great and I hope all will benefit from this. As I thought about the increase, I could not help but allow my mind to race back to where I had just returned, Malawi.

How blessed we are to live in a land that has so much plenty. For indeed we are a blessed nation. But this is not the case all over the world. In Malawi for instance, I talked to men that worked all day long for $2 a day and were glad to get it. To be sure this was not the skilled labor. You will find more unskilled than skilled workers.

Everywhere you will find those who are looking for some kind of work, anything that will bring in some kind of income, and this is in the capital city. In the bush country there is little industry or opportunity for work. How do they bring in extra funds? The sell fire wood, chickens, roasted corn, etc. I have even seen people selling dead mice on a stick. Most will work the fields that belong to someone else. Father, mother and children alike will be in the the fields all day for their [their pay. What is this pay? $2 to $3 dollars not an hour or even a day, but PER ACRE! They use nothing but hoes to cultivate the land and tend the crops.

Ah, Yes, $9 an hour, its about time.