Malawi Recap for 10-20-18

As the remainder of the team stayed at the compound, Don and David met Marvin (the driller we use)and his praise team at Cappucino’s for breakfast to catch up on the latest news between the two organizations. Marvin and his team are in Malawi till next Wednesday. There are about three organizations working together with [...]

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Malawi Recap for 10-16-18

Tuesday morning and another big day. Let me explain that each day contains at least 2-3 hours of travel, to and fro to the orphanage plus waiting for meetings and sometimes enduring the heat of the day and by the time we get to our evening abode, we are generally worn out. We filled up [...]

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Malawi Recap for 10-15-18

Another great day in Malawi, Africa as we wake up expecting a great harvest of work to be accomplished. As we were going over our agenda for this year, we were amazed at the number of items we have already checked off. God, as usual, has gone well ahead of us to prepare hearts and [...]

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Malawi Recap for 10-14-18

Sunday morning and we get ready to go to God’s house to praise and worship and hear the word of the Lord. Another great breakfast of bacon and eggs from the hands of our resident chef, Doris and we are ready to go. We picked up Lester at his home in Msundwe as he is [...]

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Come Dear Children

August 2015 began our search to place children in LepLes Vision for the Needy's Orphanage.  Where to begin?  It was important to all who were in charge that we take in true orphans.  This work has gained much prestige among the chiefs in the villages around Chiputu Trading Center of which our work is close [...]

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Shocking water sources Part2

Water sources that are presently changing under Clean Water for Malawi and our team.

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God is Good All the Time

Don and Dan wants everyone who lifted prayers to God on their behalf to know how grateful they are. They are out of the hospital and still resting some this weekend. Saturday morning Don and Clean Water's lead man, Hillary, drove to the villages to finish assessing the rest of the wells. All 40 wells [...]

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Blessing God and His People

I believe that God is blessed when he sees people on this earth embracing the art of helping each other.  Like a parent that is thrilled when his children get along and love each other.  There are so many wells not functioning in this district.  May God bless Clean Water for Malawi for coming forward [...]

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Shocking Water Sources for villagers

These are some of the water source scenes that overwhelmed Dan and Don on visiting some of the villages lined up for repair. The last one is the water source at Ulondwe Primary School. I see why Don cried after seeing this scene over and over again as they went from village to village.   [...]

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Sunday Trials and Victories

Sunday was an interesting, exciting, and anxious day. The previous night we mistakenly put some petrol into our Toyota instead of all Diesel and we thought what little we put in would make no difference. Little did we know that mistake would account for an interesting day. We got up and left before 8:00am and [...]

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