Don and Doris Postell’s Story

Doris and I have been involved in ministry for over 40 years. I am currently an ordained minister recognized as a missionary to Malawi, Africa under International Ministerial Fellowship.

In the year 2010 after a period of being broken before the Lord and receiving Godly foundational repair from our Lord , we were not sure what direction He had for our lives. An opportunity presented itself in the format of me being invited to work for a ministry that was building a clinic in a village northwest of Lilongwe, Malawi. In a matter of weeks Doris was waving goodbye as I flew out of San Antonio, TX for a few months in Africa. As a child I had often dreamed of going to Africa.

The ministry provided me a place to stay in the city, but I chose to live in the on site tent dwelling where I daily interacted with the Malawians hired to build this clinic. In the evenings I would walk to a neighboring village and seek to meet as many of the villagers as I could and their lives became a part of my life. One of the workers, Lester, invited me to preach in his services at the nearby church where every Sunday the offer was repeated. Often we would have church at nearby trading centers where we would gather under a tree with other ministers. They would break out in song and after enough people had gathered, they would nod that it was time for me to speak.

One evening two young Malawians, Lester and Lepherson, sought me out and shared their dream they held in their hearts to build an orphanage in their village. I agreed to bring their story with me when I returned to the States.

In 2011 my wife, Doris, and I returned to meet once again with our two friends. A meeting was held in which 27 chiefs promised to give us 5 acres to construct an orphanage. In 2012 the work began on Leples Vision for the Needy. A church, office and a 40’by40′ building has been completed as of the spring of 2015. This place will eventually house 64 orphans with mammas in each dorm to care for the children.
April 2015 with all government requirements being met, we are opening the doors to embrace the first 10 of these precious children. God has gone ahead of us and opened doors that we were told were closed. He has opened a door that no man can shut.