Don and Doris Postell’s Story
Rev. Don Postell 


Choice Christian Greetings;  

My name is Don Postell and I am an Ordained Minister who has been in the ministry about forty-five years. I retired out of the ministry around 2010, however it seems that God was not through with the work for my wife of 47 years and myself. In 2010 I was hired to do work as an electrician in Malawi, Africa. My work took me to the bush country about 55 KM outside the capital city of Lilongwe. While living on site in a tent, I was befriended by two African men who came to my tent and shared their dream of starting an Orphanage in their village. I was asked if I could help get their dream off the ground. As result of that meeting, we began a work in Malawi based on their vision. 

It is 2019 and to date we have built that Orphanage that now houses 33 children, 4 mamas, and about 16 employees. In addition to the other buildings that have been built on the 15 acres given to us by the village chiefs, we have built 7 churches in different villages, started a Bible School where 54 students received diplomas just last year alone .We raised funds to add two class rooms and an office to a government funded school where classes were being held under trees because of lack of space. We have drilled 4 water wells and have repaired over 40 broken or unused wells up till now. Water is the life blood of Africa. As of this writing we are putting the finishing touches on a clinic and doctor’s houses being built on our property. This October while we were there a 2-year-old girl died in the village next to us of malaria because the parents could not get her to a clinic. 

My dream for the future includes adding more orphans, a widow’s house that would tend to the needs of the many widows that are trying to survive, a library and a school. There are not enough teachers nor class rooms to provide the basic education for these children. Most of these children will never reach adulthood without some kind of help somewhere.  

The reason for this letter is to ask you for an opportunity to come and share our video of what we have accomplished and what challenges we face at present and in the future. God has indeed gone before us and paved the way for great things to be done. So far, we have been able to present the gospel and do what needs to be done without hindrances, but I am afraid that the door of opportunity may be closing due to increasing Muslim influence.  

For further information for assisting in this work and for speaking engagements contact me at “” or call me at 210-818-9547. Please check out our web site at “”  As this work of God grows, we need partners who want to invest in a real work that you may visit for yourself. Become a partner in a work that will change the life of a child or widow or at least give them a chance at life and change your life as well. 


 Thank you for the opportunity to share my heart and hope to hear from you soon.  

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   Don Postell