How To Help

God has led us to Malawi, Africa. You may not be able to ever set foot in the “Warm Heart of Africa” as it is often called, but you can be a partner in this exciting work. Because we are a small project now, you can help this dream to grow.

Hope can be brought to these people with a 64 bed orphanage, a chapel that will serve as a school/chapel, aqua planting where they can grow crops year round, and possible power sources of the future to light their world. All of this is still just in the planning stages.

I once was asked by a young man in the village what I do in America. I tried to explain electrical work to a man unfamiliar with such an occupation. He proudly exclaimed that he digs for mice and fries and sells them on a stick. God has hope for all of us beyond these elements of survival.

So What Can You do?

#1. Priority is Prayer.

We covet your prayers for these children and our ongoing projects.

The greatest weapon that we Christians have in our arsenal is PRAYER.

Many time I hear people say, “I’ve tried everything and the I guess the only thing left to do is pray”.

Prayer should always be the FIRST thing we do!

#2. Financial Support.

We are always in need of financial support as we have many projects that we are working on for the children of Malawi. From time to time we will post some of our greatest needs…those of greater importance.

#3. Want to go with us to Malawi?

We do from time to time, make trips to Malawi and have taken with us, men willing to pay their own way and put their expertise to work in helping on our ongoing projects.

Malawi Recap for May 30-June 10, 2023

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