Building the orphanage

The Pause Button

Many times we roll along in our work for the Lord with everything clicking just as I am now with this post. My fingers are flying over the typewriter keys and the words are coming together as my mind formulates thought and it flows through my fingers to this page and then bloop...the internet quits [...]

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Project for Orphans Is Almost Completed

LEPLES ORPHANAGE Thanks be to our God for His accomplishing this work for orphans. We have been amazed at how He has provided the funds each month to pay salaries and buy materials. The new orphanage is name Leples Orphanage after the two men who have envisioned helping the villages in their area to find [...]

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Digging In

The Head Chief is putting on a sad face as he shows us the well is not functioning correctly We were greeted at the airport by Lester and Lepherson who came to help us carry the luggage that would not fit into the compact car we have rented. I feel the affects of [...]

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Amazing Bricks

Malawians make their bricks from mud and lay them in the sun to dry. After the bricks dry, they are stacked as you see in the pictures above to make a kiln. The bricks will be covered completely with a layer of mud and the wood will be placed in the holes in the bottom [...]

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The Walls Are Coming

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The Foundation Holds the Bricks


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Looking for Positive Solutions

Pat and Ana Tracy are standing in front of a prototype of year round farming.         A couple from our host church, Christian Character Ministries, is avidly excited about doing something great for God each and every day of their lives! Pat and Ana Tracy have set up this prototype [...]

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The Foundation has Strength of Design and Purpose

              The start of every building is a foundational structure that will hold everything that rests upon it. These men know how to build a strong foundation with forms made of bricks that reach down deep into the soil. The bricks are made of soil from the gigantic ant [...]

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