Malawians make their bricks from mud and lay them in the sun to dry. After the bricks dry, they are stacked as you see in the pictures above to make a kiln. The bricks will be covered completely with a layer of mud and the wood will be placed in the holes in the bottom of the man made kiln. The wood will burn all day and all night heating the bricks to a high temperature. The night is spent in celebration and fun while they wait for the accomplished hardening of the bricks. For the orphanage, you are viewing 350,000 bricks that will help make the walls of our buildings. The first picture shows the walls of the kitchen in the background up to window level. Wood for this operation is expensive as trees are not found in abundance, but Lester and Lepherson were able to buy the wood through the forest service at a good price. Your support is making all of this possible. Thank you God! This is hard work and everyone gets involved as the picture with the dear woman shows…work is for everyone.