A Blast From The Past

I was walking down the familiar paths that I had travelled so many times before on my way to see Maxwell and his family. I tried to recall the times and feelings I had just a year and half earlier, but nothing seemed to be the same except the red dust that stuck to my [...]

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A Place With A View

The picture on the prior blog was supposed to be with this comment....my hand pushed a button and voile' it posted. This is the view from my kitchen window. It is lovely isn't it? It has rained quite a few times lately and everything that was already beautiful is becoming lushly decadent with vibrant color [...]

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The Chief’s solution for Don

The day started off right this morning. Just one road block then I was own my way. I always enjoy my time on the road when I know I have enough gas to get me home. After picking up "my guys" we headed to the site.Upon arriving we had to wait on the "head village [...]

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It is Springtime in Malawi

Up close shots of the flamboyant bloom. Up close shot of the jacaranda tree that blooms these vibrant blooms.

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The Orphanage and Don’s Reunion

The group of people Don was able to share church with last year has grown. It was a morning of jubilation with lots of singing and lots of preaching. The congregation is holding up Bibles that were given to them from some special donors from the states. The congregation is now anticipating a new church [...]

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The Land and the Chiefs

Children at the meeting site. They loved to have their picture taken. Talking with the chiefs the land for the orphanage Our day began at 5:30. We were due to be at the Msundwe (moo soon dwa) Trading Center by 8:00 in order for Lester to take us to the above land. There were many [...]

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First Sunday

HELLO FROM DON AND DORIS Pastor George &family Today our ride picked us up at 8:00 in order to arrive at 8:30 for church. Jim(I think Americanized) has been driving us as we still do not have our car with some gas. He is a very safe driver and I don't even have to close [...]

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Let’s Talk about the Weather

hello from don and doris It is the dry season here, yet it rained today and a little yesterday. The temperature is spring like weather maybe 80's during the day and 70's during the night. We have no air conditioning and it is only slightly uncomfortable in the middle of the day. Today it has [...]

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