August 2015 began our search to place children in LepLes Vision for the Needy’s Orphanage.  Where to begin?  It was important to all who were in charge that we take in true orphans.  This work has gained much prestige among the chiefs in the villages around Chiputu Trading Center of which our work is close by and picking just 10 children from this vast region seemed not so easy.  Lester and Lepherson along with the two men who help with the orphanage, Paul and Grevazio,  nevertheless did a great job.    Beds, covers, sheets, and mosquito netting were purchased along with mattresses.  Two mamas, who would be in charge of taking care of the children, were selected on a trial basis to make sure the children were being well cared for.  Our search led us to take 13 children instead of the original 10.  We often took siblings so as not to separate them.

Offering Hope to the World is a ministry that is seeking to help Malawians in the villages to form ministry to their own people with our support and guidance.  We do not seek to live in their villages and  be their bosses.  Offering suggestions and encouragement to help them form and  attain a higher standard is our goal.  We from the beginning have provided tools to help them become independent in the future.  We tell people, “We are not creating an American orphanage.”  

Each child was asked if they wanted to come to LepLes. Some were too afraid.