Don and Dan wants everyone who lifted prayers to God on their behalf to know how grateful they are. They are out of the hospital and still resting some this weekend.

Saturday morning Don and Clean Water’s lead man, Hillary, drove to the villages to finish assessing the rest of the wells. All 40 wells are ready for repairs which begin on Tuesday morning. Clean Water for Malawi will have a team of 6 men to come and stay in the villages during the month of June. Our men and our staff will also be there to lend aid and support. It will be a great opportunity to meet the chiefs and villagers who reside in the district where our orphans will live.

Don gave me this description on the phone of a borehole not on the list.

The first day in the villages the men were taken to a school to see a well that was shown to have not functioned in over a year. It serviced 900 children who came to this area for instruction. Don shared that it was a unique well that had a merry-go-round for the pump. Children would push it around the water would be pumped into a holding tank. For the last year the children have used the neighboring village’s well. This meant that the burden of water for around 3500 people came from this one source. Lines would form with people waiting for over an hour to fill their buckets with water. The TA, Traditional Authority, shared with Don that out of 186 wells in this district, only 50 are working.

The men knew this well wasn’t on the list for repair so they purchased a pump kit for $700. Before they became ill the men had the cement base poured. When they were released from the clinic, the base was dry. Our men installed the new pump kit and it is now producing good, clean water. Watching the happiness of these people was a great reward for our men!