Children at the meeting site. They loved to have their picture taken.
Talking with the chiefs

the land for the orphanage
Our day began at 5:30. We were due to be at the Msundwe (moo soon dwa) Trading Center by 8:00 in order for Lester to take us to the above land. There were many stops along the way. One was to secure another car as we had to pick up Lepherson, another to buy some gas in a 2 liter bottle. The other stop was to pick up Lepherson at his village( Malumbira) and then we traveled on back toward the mountains. When we arrived, the main chief in the striped shirt and sweater over it greeted us and then we waited for the other chiefs to arrive. We then walked the short distance to the land you see above. It had a wonderful cool breeze blowing
and the view of the mountains was beautiful. The chiefs led us back to the village to sit on the ground under a tree and Don, Lepherson, and Lester spoke to the chiefs. I would venture to say there were between 30 and 40 chiefs. The rest of our day will be posted tomorrow.
You can look at the picture and see the present, but can you view the picture and see what God has in store Beyond the present. I always was amazed at my friend, Rhonda, that could look at a scrap of material and envision what could be done with it. Thus is the vision of God….to see beyond what is in the moment in our lives and see what we will become in the future.
With thanks to God for all,