Hello to all of our friends,
Today was our last Sunday in Malawi and what better place to spend it than with the congregation that Don spent so many Sundays with last year. We woke up to a slight chill in the air as the sky looked as if it would pucker up and rain at anytime. That must be why we sweated our way through the night. As it happened, it never did rain, just blew refreshing cool air for us all day.
As we prayed this morning before we left for the village church, we were reminded by our Father of how much He loves these people and how blessed we are for the privilege of spending time with them. I am looking forward to sharing some of the video taping of the singing and some of Don preaching with an interpreter. One song sung this morning was about taking a friend to church. Different ones grabbed the hands of another and they happily walked around to demonstrate their joy in taking a friend to church. The mood today was a little somber as the congregation was told we would be leaving Tuesday. They prayed for the machines that would take us back to America and for the efficency of the ones operating the machines so we would arrive back in our homeland safely. Off to the right in a red and blue shirt if Roderick which Don knicknamed Hyena on his last trip. He does not normally attend church, but came today for Don’s last service. They have such a time together…when they see each other they playfully throw rocks at each other while the other one hides.
Don encouraged them to know that before they were born, while still in the womb of their mother, God had a plan for each and everyone of them. He challenged them to see why they were created. Encouraged them with God’s design for fellowship not only with Him but with each other as is shown by the two commandments that will fulfill all of God’s wishes. Love God and your neighbor as yourself.
At the end of the service, this church wanted the people who made our coming to Malawi possible to have a picture of them. When we return we will give each supporting church a picture of this group of people who want you to know how much they appreciate your care for them.
Our flight for Wed was cancelled. We opted to fly out on Tuesday instead and spend the night at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and keep our original flight at 10:30 pm Wed bound for Washington D.C. Otherwise we would have to change the whole trip and stay here extra. The Ethiopian Airlines will comp our overnight stay…pray that God will graciously guide whoever makes that reservation for our safety and well being.
We look forward to touching down on the runway at San Antonio at 5 pm on Dec. 8th.
With gratitude,