The day started off right this morning. Just one road block then I was own my way. I always enjoy my time on the road when I know I have enough gas to get me home. After picking up “my guys” we headed to the site.Upon arriving we had to wait on the “head village chief”. It is a cultural thing to always let the chief know that you are there . I guess since we are on his turf he has to know what is going on. We also have to inform him that we are leaving. Just to let him know that nothing is happening! As we sat and talked the chief informed me that the work was going too slow. Why did we have to leave every day and than come again? I told him that I wished there was another solution to the problem since it cost me $121.00 every time I travel to the site! He was baffled at the cost. After pondering the problem for a while he told my interrupter that he had a solution to the problem. We should stay in the village and he would provide a hut to stay in. Problem solved!! Yes indeed that would save me money, but my wife could not stay in the village I told him. He laughed and hung his head in quite meditation for a spell. Then he went on a long dissertation to my man. What did he say I asked? With a solemn face my man said that the chief had another solution to my problem. And what was that I asked? He said that he would provide me with another wife!! Problem solved. How could I arguer my way out of this? I guess I should have been polite and at least looked at the menue!!