I received a phone call early yesterday morning. “Where are you?” asked Blessings.
” Doris and are at Crossroads Shopping Mall. We had to meet Lepherson to make some arrangements for the orphanage. ”
“Good, I will pick you up.” He replied.
“Sounds good to me. It will save us from walking home,” I replied.
We waited a short time and Blessings drove up.
” I have good news,” he said. “I received a phone call from someone who has found petrol.”

We dropped Doris off at the house, I grabbed my 20 liter can and we were off again. Sure enough there was a station about 6 miles from us who had petrol. I filled my can up costing me 8,000 kwachas. For over a week now we have had no fuel, walking everywhere we went. Not being able to go to preach last Sunday, I preached to Doris on tithing…glaring at her as I passed the plate. Okay, so I didin’t preach to her, but we did have our own service at the house. Everyday I would go out to the car and start it; not wanting the battery to go dead on me. It always started at and instant. I would let it run a minute and shut it off, feeling good about things. So now I have petrol, right? I put the 20 liters of petrol in the car, grabbed my keys and told Doris I was going back to the station to fill both the can and the car up with petrol. I need to make at least one more trip to the site before we leave. I jumped in the car and turned the key knowing I would instantly hear the car jump into action….NOTHING! The battery was completely dead. We had to push the car close to another one parked here and borrow some jumper cables. Finally it cranked and ran smoothly. Now we can preach at the village one more time and check on the orphanage once before we leave.
What would Texans do if there was no fuel in Austin for almost two weeks?