Malawi Recap for 10-6 thru 10-8-19

          After Sunday morning’s church services, the five veteran travelers for the work in Malawai (Don, Doris, Steve, Paul Woodall, and David) along with one novice (Shirley – David’s wife) started out on another year’s adventure to LepLes Vision for the Needy, an orphanage located in the village of Chiputu, in Malawi, Africa. 

          We sat in the Houston Airport for 4 hours before taking a little 8+ hour journey to London, England, headquarters of Parliament.  After a rather uneventful trip we sat down for a much anticipated  8 hour layover in jolly old England.  By the time we boarded our next plane to Johannesburg, Africa for an 11+ hour flight, we were not in a particular jovial mood but accepting that the journey would have its difficult times. From a short 3 hours layover in Jburg, we flew the next 2.5 hours to Lilongwe, Africa arriving around 12:15PM on Tuesday, August 8.

          I must admit things went rather smoothly and even though Shirley had never experienced such a long trip, she weathered it as a veteran with a just a few “when will it be over” comments.  Picking up our rent cars at the airport we fought and dodged our way through the traffic of Malawi and ended up at a new location to stay this year, the Baptist Missionary Apartments in Lilongwe, not far from where we use to stay.  The ladies prepared a quick meal of pasta with some good French toast and we feasted before making an early retirement to bed; totally exhausted and looking forward to a great sleep and an awesome two weeks in Malawi. 

God Bless and please keep us in your prayers as we handle some difficulties that must be addressed this year

In Christ,

You Team to Malawi