Malawi Recap for 10-20-21-19

               This will be our last recap as we begin our trek home tomorrow.

               Sunday: Steve and Paul were in Blantyre and got back home around 5:30PM our time.  They said they had a great time and told some great stories but commented that some of the roads were worse than here because they had to go off the main road and up the side of a mountain to get where they were going and the road was apparently a road of boulders.  They enjoyed their stay but were glad to get back “home” in Lilongwe.

               Don and Doris, David and Shirley went to church at the Central Baptist church of Lilongwe by invitation from Marvin Tarlton, a driller here.  It was a Mother’s Day celebration at the church since Mother’s Day was this week, so the ladies oversaw the whole service.  Had a good service and the lady who preached spoke about the God of Miracles in Joshua where Joshua prayed for the sun to stand still so the enemies could be defeated.  Brought a good sermon and enjoyed her speaking.

               After service, us four went with Marvin to the Four Seasons Center, which is listed as one of, if not the best restaurant in Malawi.  Enjoyed a fine meal with Marvin and his men and sat and talked for an hour or two.  Went back home in the afternoon and had some rousing hands of Hearts while resting.

               Monday: Today was our last trip to the orphanage.  Us four guys went while the ladies stayed behind and began packing for our journey home.  Possibly the hottest day while we were here.  We did not stay too long and the kids were just starting to come home from school as we were leaving; but we had a few odds and ends to tie up before we left.  Brought a lot of food to leave with the orphans, some brushes for the laborers and had a final talk with Lester, Paul and Maxwell, our supervisors. 

               It has been a good trip as God has gone before us and we met another individual that used to be an assistant delegate to the UN from Malawi that may become a good contact in the education field in the future – time will tell.  Everything we had on our list has been completed and we are all looking forward to getting home.  Pray that our flights will go smoothly and quickly and no problems getting through the airports.  See everyone soon.

               If we long so much for our earthly home, can we not imagine how we should long for our heavenly one?  “For we have not here an abiding city, but we seek after the city which is to come” (Hebrews 13:14). 

May God bless you all and continue to pray for us while we are gone.  Flying back home from here on Tuesday, landing on Wednesday in Houston, Texas. 

Your Team in Malawi