Malawi Recap for 10-15-19

               It’s Mother’s Day in Malawi so there will be no workers at the orphanage which helped us to decide to stay back in Lilongwe today for rest and for a supply run.

               Paul and Steve bought a filing cabinet that will go into an office we are creating in a small room in the corner of our dorm.  They also picked up Bibles, in English and Chichewa to distribute to our workers as well as our churches and to the churches in Blantyre, where they will be visiting this Saturday and Sunday.  We stuffed the Bibles with small tracts that teach them a little about each book and how to read the Bible.

               The rest of us made trips to about 3 different stores around the Lilongwe area to gather supplies for mamas in the orphanage.  As an example, they have one bucket that they wash their hands in, bathe in and even cook in.  We bought mops, so they can stand up while they mop; 10+ buckets; we bought clothes hampers, because they were putting their dirty clothes back in their good clothes; 2 more big spoons to cook with; and some rice, etc.  We will have to stop at one of the marketplaces to get some good cooking pots – the city does not have the kind they need, or else leave them some money to buy some.         

David and Don went to a small business center not too far from where we have been staying to print up a couple of contract agreements for some of our employees to sign. 

May God bless you all and continue to pray for us while we are gone.

Your Team in Malawi