hello from don and doris

It is the dry season here, yet it rained today and a little yesterday. The temperature is spring like weather maybe 80’s during the day and 70’s during the night. We have no air conditioning and it is only slightly uncomfortable in the middle of the day. Today it has been muggy because of the rain. The end of November will bring in the rainy season and some summertime heat.
I learned a new thing yesterday. When someone from here says,” Oh it is just a little ways up the road.” then it will be a long distance to me. A big percentage of the population walks and rides bikes…. so distance to them is framed from that experience. Today, I asked the pastor how far his congregation had to walk to church, his reply was very far. I knew then that it must be quite a distance. ” Just a little way” yesterday turned into a 2 hour walk for us. Oh my aching feet.
I once again want to sing praise for finding this perfect spot for me. It is true that when you ask God to lead and go ahead of you, He does it very grandly. This guest cottage comes with a fully equipped kitchen, furniture in the living room , bedroom furniture, towels, sheets, washer and dryer, and a study desk area and internet connections It is a gated community with 24 hours guards and a beautiful yard area. Who else could arrange this for a short stay but God. I would have settled for just a small apartment, but He planned a different path. Thank you, my precious God.