The Kendaya church is an established church. The Pastor, Harry and his wife Lucy are shown with their two children. I also have a picture of Lester and Linda in front of the church. Lester has been able to find places in the villages for Don to preach. Today, there was a heart warming zealousness for Don to come back and preach again. We arrived early and got the best parking spot since we have the only car. In Malawi time just doesn’t count when it comes to worshiping. It will start and be finished in its own time. We enjoyed getting to church early; greeting people as they came. The children are just so precious….Church started and lots of heartfelt singing, testimonies, Bible lesson, more songs, praying, and preaching. It is such a gift to be here in Malawi and hear my husband preach in this beautiful country. The harmony of what he says along with the intrepreter is a joy to me…like watching some well practiced orchestrated dance. His text was I Corinthians 15:1-6…Paul’s declaration of the 4 most important things we need to know and understand. Many people came to the front for prayer as they felt the presence of the Lord wooing them. A wonderful day with the Lord and His people. We handed out Bibles and presented a soccer ball to the youth director for the village. After the service, we had some Jesus loves you stickers left, so Don sat and put stickers on all the little ones, and after the service, the adult women timidly came and wanted one also. After church we were treated to the youth once again singing as everyone left. The pastor and his wife invited us along with Lester and his wife for a meal of rice, greens and some meat and of course a coke. We could not find gas this morning so ended up having to buy some expensive stuff…just enough to get us home. We had a police stop on the way to church and on the way home. A pleasant rain cooled things off for a while and we had a good nap as we were at the villages yesterday also.
Hope your day was as good as ours,