First let us send a hearty ‘Thank You’ for you continued support in prayer. It is appreciated more than you can know.
Saturday was such a success as the men went to town and sought out furniture for the orphanage. As was stated recently, the orphanage still has some inside work to be done and hopefully will be ready by the first of the year. They were able to find beds, individual dressers, Chapel benches and even some playground equipment. They will be ready by the first of the year. This is a big relief for the men.
Sunday was a big day with David preaching in a church in the villages. 77 people were present and I am sure there will be some great video of all the singing. They took some of their friends to eat at the restaurant close to the guest house. Sunday night they went to church at the AG Bible College. Thinking it started at 8, they were surprised that church started at 6 and all the people were still worshiping. The speaker recognized them and asked Don to come up and speak. Some of you who know Don might be thinking that they didn’t know what they were asking for time wise. Don said it was a little difficult driving home in the dark.
Monday was spent with Lester and Lepherson discussing matters of the heart and the foundational work of the orphanage. Don spoke of being greatly impressed that these two founding men were ahead of the game in ideas for the orphanage to be self sustaining. Many decisions were made in good faith about the opening day of Leples Vision for the Needy.
It was such a good day. Danny bought pizzas for everyone and had cashed in a 100 dollars into MK. He had a stack of 43 1,000Mk’s. When the attendant spoke of how much he owed, it sounded like the bill was 43,000. Dan was a little surprised at the cost of 3 pizzas. Then the attendant said,”Noooo, 14,000 MK.” Thinking in terms of MK versus the dollar is very difficult. Thank goodness the attendant was honest.
Tomorrow the men will go with a new friend, Jeremy, who is connected with the wells and will visit orphanages in the area for advice and just to see how other orphanages are operating. They are very excited about this.