Pastor George &family
Today our ride picked us up at 8:00 in order to arrive at 8:30 for church. Jim(I think Americanized) has been driving us as we still do not have our car with some gas. He is a very safe driver and I don’t even have to close my eyes as we whizz past pedestrians, bicycles, taxi minivans on what I consider the wrong side of the road. Left lanes are the right lanes….sorry my humor is lame.
Top right, a couple from the church
above…the church’s land
The church service lasted for 3 hours. Most of the
preliminaries were in the native tongue but they are trying to do English with an interpreter through parts of it. The music was fabulous, sounded like a professional choir and everyone and I mean everyone sang with the only music being a very distinct clapping beat. I am going to try to practice and commit it to memory. different groups would come up and sing for specials and others would join in the middle at times. The children had their own sing time and was very beautiful. Jubilant would be the word to describe these people as they worshiped the Lord God whom they serve with great fervency.
I recognized several hymns I knew and sang in English and on the other songs I just used my music with no words.
I was allowed to speak a little….Pastor Loudon made sure we knew they were diligent about starting and stopping on time.
I showed them the picture David’s church sent and told them these people helped us to come and wanted them to know they cared.
I told them we flew 25 hours and waited for 7 hours in airports to get to meet them. We traveled 5,400 miles,(23,520Kilometers) It cost $5,400 dollars(864,000 Kwachas) What was the plan, only God knows for sure.
I told them some of the things God wants us to do and how many times it is in the Bible.
Love thy neighbor…..8 times
love your enemies…….3times
do good…………………..27 times
forgive 56 times and then I ended with something I think is a big concern for all of us from God
Fear Not……………………60
be not afraid …………….28……..equals 92 entries about not being afraid
be not dismayed…………4
Fear blocks our thinking
keeps us from doing what God wants us to do
keeps us from hearing and seeing the heart of God
Admit your fears to God, he will deliver you through it.
Don spoke an exceptional message. Unfortunately because he was allowed so much time, I cannot print it. The gist was on how Abraham grew and learned by his failures and letting God teach him. You would have rejoiced.
They are currently meeting in a rented school house, have managed to purchase property and are wanting to build.. I think they said they are the fastest growing church in the city. Most of the people had to walk 30 minutes to get to church. The land they purchased is beautiful. my emails are for the most part are not going through. Pass my website along.