I am excited to report that the repairs have begun. Clean Water for Malawi sent a team of 6 men to repair 40 wells. These men and our team joined and broke into 3 teams. I can imagine the exuberant joy of people from 11 villages that have had the repairs already completed. I could hear the excitement in Don’s voice as he relayed some of the successes.

The team is bunking down at Leples Orphanage at night which enables them to have a good night’s sleep after working hard in the daytime heat. Everyone seems to be in good shape. Don told me he prepared his favorite meal of spaghetti from the two suitcases of food they brought with them. They eat their famous pouch of tuna along with some crackers for their lunch. The Malawians are being fed their food by the village women at the places they work each day.

Don visited with the schoolmaster of the school where our children will be attended and shared with him that our children will be attending his school. The children are not out of school until June 23. At this point we won’t know if our children will take residence before Don and Dan come home,

Of course all prayers for safety and success with completing this journey is much appreciated.