Greetings from Don
We were not here but a few days when one of the guards came and got me. “Someone is here to see you,” he said.
I walked with him to the enclosed gates. I was told that they would not open the gates unless told by us. I wondered who this could be. Outside I was greeted by a young man who was called the carver. He had in a bag wood carvings of different things to sell. I was so amazed at the handy work of these people. I thought of my grandchildren and what I could bring back to give to them. An elephant tusk was out of the question. So was a spear and bow ( couldn’t fit them into my suitcase), instead I decided on smaller items. We decided on a price and he went one way and I took my gift into the house. This became almost a weekly ritual. He would come and the guard would come and get me. I would usually look at what he had more often than not I would walk back to the house with a trinket. Each time, Doris would look at me and shake her head. On this day, the day before we are leaving, the guard came and got me and informed me he was here again. How did he know I was leaving the next day? It would be so comical for someone watching us stand on the street outside our gate and listen to us barter for his items. On this day, I was determined I would and could not spend another dime on his stuff.
He had some different carvings this time that I had not seen before. I wanted them. Being the horse trader that I am, I laughed to myself. I will get the best of this man today for I did not take any money outside with me. After about 20 minutes of bartering, I walked back to the house without my safari hat, my shirt, my tennis shoes, and my shorts that I was wearing. I was smiling to myself as I walked back to the house. I feel sorry for him. I took two pieces of wood about six inches long from him. Who’s your daddy now!!!!!