These structures are ant hills in Malawi. They all seem to have that funnel looking structure sticking out somewhere on the them. I am standing in front of a tower that Don personally tried to knock over by his own might…to no avail. I am told that it takes bulldozers to knock them down. The ants that build these great mounds secreet some kind of fluids that make this soil like homemade cement. When Malawians build bricks, they flood these mounds and turn them into a gooey sludge. They then put this mud into brick molds and let them dry in the sun. After they dry, they stack them in such a way that there are tunnels under the bricks where they pile wood into these tunnels and burn them all night. First they cover the whole structure with mud and therefore have a handmade kiln.
Last Sunday at the Kandaya Church I saw a huge pit and inquired what the big hole was for. It was the ant hill that was turned into the bricks that the church was