Almost daily we have walked to the little shopping center. It takes us an hour and sometimes we will eat at the little coffee shop, buy some groceries, or as today meet with Lepherson to give him another allotment for the orphanage work. We have noticed recently that the vacant lots in this neighborhood have been ploughed by hand and planted. I asked someone if they make an agreement with the owners and the answer was affirmative. To the left is a heap of trash mixed with the soil. Trash is just deposited wherever anyone can find a place to toss it. In amongst the rows, the trash is mingled with the soil. I told a young man when he threw out his soda bottle that in America he would receive a big fine if a policeman saw him. He said that the trash is a gift to the poor. They will collect the plastic bottles and clean them. They will refill them and resell them.
We have also seen many of these bicycles that can be pedaled by the hands instead of the feet. A very clever way for the legless person to get around and also is beneficial to keep their strength up by building upper muscles and inviting the much needed circulation for their bodies. Much healthier for a person than the motorized carts in America. Of course we gave him some MK for allowing us the honor of his picture even though he did not ask.
The top picture is of a lizard that I saw outside my bedroom window. He has a beautiful blue head.
Have a blessed day,