The picture on the prior blog was supposed to be with this comment….my hand pushed a button and voile’ it posted. This is the view from my kitchen window. It is lovely isn’t it? It has rained quite a few times lately and everything that was already beautiful is becoming lushly decadent with vibrant color and the grass is keeping all the workers busy keeping it trimmed down.
Don has all the funny stories to tell. Several of you were tickled with his “Chief’s Solution” story and he just loves to hear of your reactions. He loves to make people laugh….unfortunately God gave him a wife who is a little short of getting humor, especially his kind of humor, so he really puts forth a lot of effort with me with little return.
On the good side of things… Don came back from the villages Tuesday with a grin on his face. It seems like all of a sudden now you can pull into the gas stations and pump gas. No line or anything. Instead of paying 600 MK for a liter…He paid a little over 300MK for a liter. A liter is a little larger than a quart and 4 quarts make a gallon so you can figure the approximate cost of a gallon. We are constantly having to think now I paid 10,000 MK for that and how much American did I spend. Now our money will go a little further and by the way thanks to some of you who gave some extra recently…We will be praying for how to pay you back.
The guest house has a little mini library with some pretty interesting reading. Recently both Don and I read a book written by a man named John Goddard entitled Kayaks Down The Nile about 3 men who started at the headwaters of the Nile River and went down the Nile in Kayaks. The Nile is 4,145 miles long. It was very interesting read and I recommend it if you ever come across the book published in 1976 by Brigham Young University Press. John and his two French friends all in their 20’s made this journey in 1950. A truly amazing adventure of which I was surprised they all made it to the Mediterranean Sea alive and in relatively good shape. Another book was about two young women who went to Mindoro Island, the southern most island of the Philipines in the 1950’s and the story of what I have in my mind as a real missionary story. Living in the villages in the remotest places among the people…very courageous women. The title is broken snare by Caroline Stickley an OMF book.
I was reminded of the story of Columbus the other day. He made 4 voyages to the land he thought was the Indies in Asia. He died after the 4th journey with the sense that he had failed; never dreaming he would be a major historical figure. Why am I writing this to you….just to remind me and all of you that we never know the importance of what we are doing in our everyday lives. What might seem trivial or even a failure at some points of our life….might be remembered differently in years beyond our life. I take courage in knowing that as I live each day in the presence of my Lord, God Almighty that the value is there even if it isn’t realistically evident. Thank Him for His value today and rejoice in the underpinnings of His tapestry for your life.
Don’t forget the following picture is my view each day…Rejoice in your view!