Recap of 10/16/14
Team went into Lilongwi to order a map from the District Commissioner that will give us the area we service, the villages, the boreholes (wells), and roads in our area. We are trusting the map will come back with all these things included.k
David stayed at our place in the city to instruct Lester in Excel (he had never seen it) in order to send reports back to the states to give a good accounting of requisitions and expenses. He seems to have grasped the concept quickly and we went over the reports several times.
The men decided to go by the President’s house and were chased away by guards – thankfully no one was shot in the process.
We are hoping to go to Lester’s house before we leave to load TEAMVIEWER on his PC which may gives us the ability to access his PC from America . Never tried this before, but hope we can make this work.
Met with Peter Dimba (Member of Parliament) and wife Floria, son Praise, for dinner. Peter picked us up at 6:00 PM and we ate dinner with them at 8:00 PM. The Dimba’s house is more modern than any we have been in and they were very gracious to us five men from America . We experienced the best food we have ever had in the years we have been coming to Malawi and a wonderful conversation which appears to have created a cooperation that will be beneficial to both of us. Peter is a new member of Parliament (4 months) and if all goes well, he will be there for at least five, if not 10 years and could really be an asset for our work.
During the meeting on the project the day before, we were shown a terrible water source problem in a village close to our project where the villagers were drinking, and bathing from basically, a cesspool and the mortality rate was quite high in that village. Our men have started work today on that problem and hope to have it completed by next Wednesday or Thursday.
This has been a trip of open doors to the extent that we have never seen before and we trust God will continue to go before us.
May God bless each of you that are reading this letter, continue to pray for us and our safety and we will do our best to follow the leading of God wherever He may lead.
Donnie, David, Danny, Steven, Richmond