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Mission Statement:

To have significant impact on health needs, food sources, security, raising children and community development in Malawi in a way which brings glory to God and demonstrates the love of Christ in works and endeavor.

Bible School

Every achievement produces its own set of problems. With these new churches being built we realized that we had run out of qualified men to fill the pulpits! The only solutions we had was to start training young men to become pastors.

Leples Vision for the Needy

Leples Vision for the Needy is a dream of two young Malawian men who began to see the need of their people in the villages of Mapuyu South district. They were concerned about the growing orphan population. Their concern turned into a dream of building an orphanage to minister to this need, and they began to pray about this .


Malawi Recap for 10-14-19

Malawi Recap for 10-14-19                Monday morning – up and at it with a pancake breakfast before we go back to the orphanage.  Had to stop by CrossRoads to buy some medicine for some of...

Malawi Recap for 10-15-19

Malawi Recap for 10-15-19                It’s Mother’s Day in Malawi so there will be no workers at the orphanage which helped us to decide to stay back in Lilongwe today for rest and for a supply...

Malawi Recap for 10-16-19

Malawi Recap for 10-16-19                We have kind of made Cappuccino’s our morning place for breakfast because we can eat there as cheap as cooking our own; two eggs, two pieces of toast, fried...