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Shocking water sources Part2

June 22nd, 2015|Categories: Uncategorized|

Water sources that are presently changing under Clean Water for Malawi and our team.

God is Good All the Time

June 16th, 2015|Categories: Uncategorized|

Don and Dan wants everyone who lifted prayers to God on their behalf to know how grateful they are. They are out of the hospital and still resting some this weekend. Saturday morning Don and Clean Water's lead man, Hillary, drove to the villages to finish assessing the rest of the wells. All 40 wells [...]

Blessing God and His People

June 13th, 2015|Categories: Uncategorized|

I believe that God is blessed when he sees people on this earth embracing the art of helping each other.  Like a parent that is thrilled when his children get along and love each other.  There are so many wells not functioning in this district.  May God bless Clean Water for Malawi for coming forward [...]

Shocking Water Sources for villagers

June 11th, 2015|Categories: Uncategorized|

These are some of the water source scenes that overwhelmed Dan and Don on visiting some of the villages lined up for repair. The last one is the water source at Ulondwe Primary School. I see why Don cried after seeing this scene over and over again as they went from village to village.   [...]

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