As the remainder of the team stayed at the compound, Don and David met Marvin (the driller we use)and his praise team at Cappucino’s for breakfast to catch up on the latest news between the two organizations. Marvin and his team are in Malawi till next Wednesday. There are about three organizations working together with Marvin. As he drills wells in the different parts of Malawi, another group brings new shoes to the children and another preaches the gospel in the villages – very dedicated man stationed out of North Carolina.
We then headed back to pick up the rest of the crew and head to the orphanage for our last day with the children. Steve’s knee was still giving him quite a bit of pain so he stayed behind to let it rest for a while. Since we promised Maxwell we would come buy his house today, we went to his house on the way and shared a few comments and laughs together. His wife, son and a few of the villagers gathered around while we had a conversation. He showed us the boundaries of his land and about 50,000 bricks his son and two others have gotten ready to sell. We had a snack of hot “cokes” Maxwell provided and we headed on to the orphanage.
This was a special day at the orphanage as the girls, Christina and Hannah had planned on giving some gifts to the kids. They gave them some construction paper, regular paper, and about three pens and pencils – it was pretty amazing watching all the kids draw pictures. Even the mamas joined in with the drawing. They gave them lollipops and some “clackers” which were both big hits with the kids. The kids had a wonderful time as the girls played and assisted them today. Sadly the village kids were only able to stand by and dream. The need is huge over here but there are only a few we can reach at a time. When Jesus journeyed to the pool of Bethesda there were many who needed healing but he only healed one. Sometimes we feel like that as we help a few but see the need is truly great.
As we were preparing to leave and taking many good-bye pictures, the kids of the orphanage serenaded us with several good songs, including some Christian songs. It was a moving time for all of us as the joy of the orphanage was contagious. Before we left, we formed a giant circle with all the kids and Don prayed for the kids and the orphanage – it was a bittersweet time as we were happy to see the happiness of the kids, but we would not see them again for about a year, if the Lord tarries.
This was a good year: we had 33 items on our agenda and were able to solve or address about 30 if them. This time last year as well as when our team came over in May it was a great disappointment; but, I believe we can honestly say this was a good year as we have seen so much accomplished after the reorganization of the project. We trust the forward momentum will continue after we leave; and again, we may have seen another door that has opened and may have to eventually walk through.
Isaiah 58:11 reminds us a little of our journeys over here: “The Lord will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.”
God bless,
Your Malawi Team