Tuesday morning and another big day. Let me explain that each day contains at least 2-3 hours of travel, to and fro to the orphanage plus waiting for meetings and sometimes enduring the heat of the day and by the time we get to our evening abode, we are generally worn out.
We filled up with Petrol today (our 3rd fill up) and then met Samuel Banda (Our Painter without Hands) and bought several paintings from him to sell in America to help support the orphanage. From that meeting, we headed to Msundwe to pick up Lester and bought some cokes and biscuits (cookies) for the chief’s meeting we were to have at noon. The meeting began around 1:00PM which is not bad according to Malawi standard. This was an important meeting since there had been some confusion and problems with leadership in the orphanage over the past few months and the Chiefs were not extremely happy with what was going on.
The meeting began with Don telling the Chiefs we were honored to be there and to have the chief that we have; he apologized for the difficulties and assured them the clinic will be completed and we will fulfill the promises we have made. The words were greeted by the chiefs enthusiastically and Lester said it was well-received and the Senior chief is extremely pleased with Lester and the progress that has been made since May. There were approximately 35-38 chiefs in attendance.
We left a few minutes early to get back to the compound for one more meeting with a gentleman about the logistics of bringing African artifacts back from Malawi to sell in America to help support the orphanage.
And after making a trip to the Shoprite in Lilongwe, Doris prepared another outstanding meal as we ate together and enjoyed a little Christian fellowship. I asked the young girls to record a few words about their experience – maybe we’ll figure out a way to share that. They have been a joy to have with us and I believe Doris is really enjoying their company.
This has been another day that the Lord has made and as usual, it was a good one. Remember whatever you must face in life, there are always someone else who is probably dealing with even more difficult situations and I believe a lot of them may be in Malawi, but they keep going, maybe slowly, but at least they keep going. And another thing that seems to “come to life” in Malawi is that we, as Christians, are meant to serve, not always to be served. May you find your strength always in the Lord, He never fails!
God bless,
Your Malawi Team