Another great day in Malawi, Africa as we wake up expecting a great harvest of work to be accomplished. As we were going over our agenda for this year, we were amazed at the number of items we have already checked off. God, as usual, has gone well ahead of us to prepare hearts and minds to the task that is ahead of us.
Our breakfast of eggs and toast is kind of spoiling us as I seldom eat that much back home, so we are not losing weight while we are here; but, we then ventured onto the tarmac (highway) heading toward Lester’s village to pick him up for another day. Sadly, his vehicles are dead in the water (seems to be common in this country). Today was Mother’s Day in Malawi so schools were closed, and many businesses were closed so as our vehicle came into sight of the orphanage, the kids spotted us, and they started jumping up and down and heading for the van. That is amazing sight because when we first saw our first batch of orphans several years ago, they were so shy and bashful; but, now they surround you and just want someone to pay attention to them and just love on them for a while.
While Doris worked with the Mamas and the boy’s dorm getting their clothes situation taken care of, Christina and Hannah worked with the girls blowing bubbles, playing games, singing and telling them about the love of Jesus. The addition of the ladies to the team is certainly a blessing and a much-needed boost in the morale of the orphanage.
The guys had a meeting with Lester, the orphanage President and spent an hour or two discussing issues that still needed to be addressed concerning the operation of the orphanage, but the meeting was great as we could tell God had once again gone before us and we were all on the same page. At first, we were a little apprehensive, but all went great and we believe there are great days ahead.
We did have a sad occasion today as we attended the funeral of a two-year old Malawian girl in our neighboring village. This is another reason why we must get our clinic up and running for she died just a stone’s throw from the orphanage.
After this we made a trip to visit our TA (Traditional Authority) who is the highest tribal authority in the bush just to greet him and thank him for his assistance and to let him know we will do our best to help his people. We had a very cordial meeting that lasted about 30 minutes, with his assurance that he would do his best for us and then urged us to think about creating a private school in our location. Who knows what will become of that conversation, but it was a blessing to know we have his blessing on our endeavors.
Headed home for a meal of leftovers, which tasted delicious and we sat down to relax and get a good night’s sleep because tomorrow is another full day.
Thank you for your prayers as we can see the hand of God still going before us and smoothing the rough roads, calming the stormy seas and making a way where there seemed to be no way.
God bless,
Your Malawi Team