Sunday morning and we get ready to go to God’s house to praise and worship and hear the word of the Lord. Another great breakfast of bacon and eggs from the hands of our resident chef, Doris and we are ready to go. We picked up Lester at his home in Msundwe as he is was saying good-bye to some of his good friends from Blantyre that were at the Graduation yesterday. It was only about a 20-30 minute drive to Lester’s church which is now assisted by Rev. Austin Banda.
Service began around 9:30 and the entire service was over around 12:00 – pretty short for Malawian standards but a great service with great singing, praise and worship and a message concerning Abraham sending Eleazor, his steward, to find a wife for Abraham’s son, Isaac. His application was that Abraham typified God, Isaac typified Jesus Christ, Eleazor typified the Holy Spirit and Rebekah, the bride, typified the church, the Bride of Christ and the requirements necessary for all of us to become part of the Bride of Christ, the church.
We got back home around 2:00 pm today and took the rest of the day off for some desired rest. Had a quick lunch of Pizza from the local Pizza Parlor and later some soup prepared by Mrs. Doris.
Tomorrow, bright and early ,we will be back at the orphanage to begin a busy and tiring week but God always gives us the strength necessary to accomplish what we are called upon to do. Please pray for us for safety, wisdom and the leading of the Holy Spirit as we make decisions that will affect the lives of many children and families in Malawi, the “warm heart of Africa”.

God bless,
Your Malawi Team