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The Fellowship

Hello to all of our friends, Today was our last Sunday in Malawi and what better place to spend it than with the congregation that Don spent so many Sundays with last year. We woke up to a slight chill in the air as the sky looked as if it would pucker up and rain [...]

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Celebrating 40 years of marriage

Today marks the day that I have spent 40 years with this man. I love his spirit of compassion and love for people. I am amazed that the man of 20 that I married has turned into more than I could ever dream or hope for in a husband, father and grandfather. It was rumored [...]

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Greetings from Don We were not here but a few days when one of the guards came and got me. "Someone is here to see you," he said. I walked with him to the enclosed gates. I was told that they would not open the gates unless told by us. I wondered who this could [...]

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Petrol Has Arrived

I received a phone call early yesterday morning. "Where are you?" asked Blessings." Doris and are at Crossroads Shopping Mall. We had to meet Lepherson to make some arrangements for the orphanage. " "Good, I will pick you up." He replied."Sounds good to me. It will save us from walking home," I replied.We waited a [...]

December 1st, 2011|Our First Mission Trip 2011|0 Comments

Public Transportation

I was desperate. I hadn't been to the project all week, and for some reason, I felt that the work could not be done without me being there. I know this was a purely fabricated image that was only in my mind. Still no petrol in the city, so the car was just sitting in [...]

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Who or what defines me

"I am the Lord; that is my name! I will not give my glory to another or my praise to idols." Isaiah 42: 8 In the world there are whispers, rumors, and even intense declarations of who God is. People speak of Him in high and low places, in anger, in praise, His name is [...]

November 30th, 2011|Malawi Stories|0 Comments

A Walk to the store

Almost daily we have walked to the little shopping center. It takes us an hour and sometimes we will eat at the little coffee shop, buy some groceries, or as today meet with Lepherson to give him another allotment for the orphanage work. We have noticed recently that the vacant lots in this neighborhood have [...]

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Malawian Trucking Industry

Good day to all who are reading my blog today. These pictures show a bicycle that is carrying more than it was built to carry. When Don and I travel on the roads in the villages and even on the highways, men on bicycles are carrying all manner of goods to and from the market [...]

November 28th, 2011|Malawi Stories|0 Comments

Update On The Orphanage

Saturday Afternoon November 26, 2011 After a week of sheer bliss where I could pull my car into any gas station without a waiting line and say fill her up ,it stopped. For the past week there was no fuel to be found. Every day I would walk with my gas can trying to find [...]

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Ant Hills With a Purpose

These structures are ant hills in Malawi. They all seem to have that funnel looking structure sticking out somewhere on the them. I am standing in front of a tower that Don personally tried to knock over by his own might...to no avail. I am told that it takes bulldozers to knock them down. The [...]

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